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Medical Acronyms, Eponyms & Abbreviations, 5th Edition

Over 48,000 copies sold!


In the realm of healthcare, professionals often utilize specialized language, transforming complex terminology into convenient acronyms and eponyms. While this streamlines communication, it also heightens the risk of misunderstanding.


Medical Acronyms, Eponyms and Abbreviations presents a thorough compilation of these linguistic shortcuts, offering clear definitions for quick reference. Now in its 5th edition, this indispensable resource boasts hundreds of new entries.


From "antibiotic-associated-colitis (AAC)" to "zoster immune plasma (ZIP)," this compact handbook aids in deciphering perplexing abbreviations, ensuring clarity in medical discourse. Encompassing various medical disciplines as well as fields like nursing, administration, quality assurance, dietetics, pharmacy, and lab work, it serves as an essential tool for learners, readers, writers, and interpreters of medical terminology.

Medical Acronyms, Eponyms & Abbreviations, 5th Edition

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