CPT® E/M Coding Tool

Effective January 1, 2021 E/M codes in the Office or Other Outpatient Services section (99202-99215) and the Prolonged Services (99354-99XXX) must be chosen based on the level of Medical Decision Making OR the total time for E/M services performed on the date of the encounter.

This simple and easy-to-use two-sided tool helps you choose and validate E/M codes. The coding tool is continuously revised and updated, makes E/M coding faster and easier and is a great coding aid for both new and experienced coders.


The E/M Coding Tool makes it easy to choose or validate E & M codes.


  • To choose the proper E/M code, first move the pointer to the correct service Category; for example Office and Other Outpatient Services, New Patient. Then move the pointer to each code in the category until the dots in the window correspond to the level of service provided.
  • To validate an E/M code that you have already chosen, first move the pointer to the code, then review the components in the window to confirm that the required history, examination, medical decision making, nature of the presenting problem and time match the service provided and the documentation in the medical record.


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CPT® E/M Coding Tool

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